– 3D program – structural analysis and design of piled concrete foundations.

Design of piled concrete foundations

By using the powerful and interactive user interface, any beam grid can be entered quickly. A large number of cross-sectional shapes are provided. The input of the reinforcement data such as the basic reinforcement, choice of the diameters of the secondary reinforcement, stirrup diameters, the covers, environmental classes, etc. is very simple and identical as you are used to in XBeam2d. You can use multiple beam shapes and / or basic reinforcements.

Pile eccentricities and eccentric beam loads

For supports, you can enter an eccentricity by entering 3 relative coordinates dx, dy and dz. An extra nodet and “stiff” beam are automatically generated. With this you can easily take a misplacement of a pile in a beam grid into account. The foundation beams are designed and / or tested for bending and torsion. You can also enter beam loads with an eccentricity.

Design of reinforcement

XFEM4U automatically designs the extra longitudinal reinforcement  and the stirrups on shear and torsion based on the basic reinforcement. The program also determines the extra extra longitudinal reinforcement that may be required for torsion. The required additional reinforcement is immediately displayed in the 3d graphical representation. And of course you can easily and quickly adjust all reinforcement of each beam.

Each beam - Interactively change all your reinforcement

When you select the Concrete tab, the screen is split into 2 parts. A 3D representation of your beam grid and a 2D view (side view) with a schematic representation of all reinforcement, exactly as it is also shown in XBeam2d. The screen with the 2D view of the concrete beam is dockable. This means that you can display that screen anywhere, for example on a second monitor. In the 3D overview, click on a beam to switch the beam.

Of course you can also change all reinforcement of each beam. The additional reinforcement but also the basic reinforcement can easily be adjusted. You can also easily adjust the stirrups (distances and diameters) and the distances. The program tests in all sections whether the reinforcement is satisfactory or not.


All required and used EN formulas and equations are fully written displayed, including actual parameters and references to the Eurocode. So, no black box calculation with only outcomes as you see in many other programs. XFrame3d creates a fully transparent calculation report. In fact. You as an engineer can check the produced calculation manually and easily. That will give you confidence! Each inspecting authority will accept your calculation without any problem since the report is clear for all.


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3D Frame Program Structural Analysis And Design Engeland


Limited use – € 3.55 / hour / user

This option is perfect for freelancers and other small business. All programs have the same rate of € 3.55 per hour. Furthermore, we have set an upper limit of € 1600 per annum. When you reach this upper limit, you can use the software for free for the rest of the year. This way you will never pay more than € 1600 per annum.

Extensive use – € 1125 / year / user

An annual license costs € 1125 per user. With a one-year license, all programs can be used unlimited by 1 user. This option is perfect if you know in advance that you will be using the software a lot.