User-friendly and modern

XConstruct is a user-friendly and modern toolbox that allows you to make your calculations quickly and very easily.

You can add multiple calculations to your project. Of course you can move, copy and delete them. You will experience how easy that is.

The powerful and modern user interface ensures fast input. For example, dimensions can be changed easily by clicking on the dimension lines. After each change the calculation is started immediately. The result of the calculation is shown on the right.

XConstruct is designed generically so we can easily add new modules. This is a first start. We will quickly expand the number of modules in the coming months. Do you have suggestions or wishes? Please let us know! With your help we can expand XConstruct with that new functionality.

Unique transparent calculation output

Like our other programs, XConstruct generates a fully transparent calculation that you as a structural engineer can check manually. This unique output gives you insight into the calculation, all used EN-formulas including a reference to the EUROCODE. The calculations of XConstruct are accepted by inspection authorities without problems.

In the main screen you see the results of the selected (current) calculation at the right hand side. This screen area is dock able. This means that you can place this panel anywhere on your screen. When you have a 2nd monitor you can show your calculation results here. In short. You have everything in view. The input and the calculation results. After each change there is a new calculation. You can also immediately see what the effect is. That is not only pleasant but also very efficient.

Of course you can make a total report of the selected calculations. (Print preview, printer, PDF and RTF)

Modules Steel

Beam-to-column joint
Base plate connection
Braced connection
Pin connection
Check of steel column
Calculation of fillet welds
Resistance of a single bolt
Calculation of built up sections

Beam-to-column joint

With this module you can design your beam-to-column joint according to EN 1993-1-8 fast and simple. Bolted or welded.

Base plate connection

Allows you to calculate a column base plate connection according to Eurocodes EN 1992-1-1 en EN 1993-1-8 quickly and easily.

Braced connection

With this module you can design your braced connection made with an angle or flat steel according to EN 1993-1-8 fast and simple.

Pin connection

With this module you can design your connection made with a pin according to EN 1993-1-8 fast and simple.

Calculation of built up sections

Modules concrete

Concrete cross section
Concrete column
Creep value

Concrete cross section loaded with moment, axial force, shear force and/or torsion

With this module you can calculate a reinforced concrete cross section according to EN 1992-1-1.

Concrete column

With this module you can check and/or design a reinforced concrete column according to EN 1992-1-1. Also in the fire situation.


With this module you can check punching of concrete slabs according to EN 1992-1-1.

Modules Timber

Floor beams


With this module you can design purlins according to EN 1995 fast and easy.

Several languages

The languages English, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and Dutch are now provided.

With your help, we can add any other language as well. Just let us know.