All our programs have the same hourly rate

€ 3.65 per hour, with a write-off per minute. If you do not use the software for more than 1 hour, your credit will not be debited. So you never have to worry about your costs rising. You only pay for the actual use! Furthermore, we have set an upper limit of € 1600 per year. This way you will never pay more than € 1600 per year.
You can also opt for a year license. A year license costs € 1155 per user. With a one-year license, all programs can be used unlimited by 1 user. This option is perfect if you know in advance that you will be using the software a lot.

For large engineering companies, the costs for use can also be fixed at a fixed amount per annum.

  • € 3.65 per hour
  • Never more than € 1600 per year (in case of year-license € 1155)
  • No fixed costs
  • No investment in software licenses
  • No obligation


Software from competitors costs more than € 4000 per year. Why are you so reasonable?

By working efficiently and using modern programming techniques (C # .NET) we can reduce costs. Furthermore, we do not employ expensive managers and our overhead costs are low. This is entirely to your advantage.

How can I top up my analysis credit?

When your credit is too low you automatically receive a notification. With an online payment your credit is immediately topped up. You will receive your invoice from us via e-mail. The minimum amount with which you can top up your credit is € 250 excl. VAT

Upgrading your credit balance is done in 4 simple steps.


You can log in by:
1. Click on “License found” in the bottom right-hand corner of the status bar
2. or via menu tab: Settings & Help> Login.


Login with your email address and password.





What happens if I do not close the software and, in the meantime, go and do something else?

If you do not use the software for more than 1 hour, your credit will not be debited. Which means you never have to worry about rising costs.

How does the software calculate the usage time? In hours, minutes or seconds?

You pay per minute – real time. The debit of the calculation credit takes place at the beginning of every hour. When the application is closed, the remaining unused minutes are saved to be used in the next session. You pay per minute that you use the application.

Are all modules paid from a bundle?

All our programs and future developments use the same analysis credit. It is possible to, create multiple users, each with a separate calculation credit.

How to deal with cost index.

Price increases in addition to normal price indexation is not an issue. The actual rate is very low and will always remain that way. Your costs will be much lower than the costs of subscription of the software that you might use now. Guaranteed!

What are the system requirements?

There are no specific system requirements. The current and upcoming programs run on all Windows platforms: XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32/64 bits), Windows 8 and Windows 10. For XFEM4U a graphics card is not necessary but recommended.

Will there be more new software modules?

Regularly you can expect new modules, updates and functionality as well as new programs from us. You can immediately use all new programs and modules without investment. You do not need to buy any licenses or pay for subscriptions.

Do I have to pay for support? Or for new updates?

You are always entitled to free support. (By phone and / or e-mail) New updates are of course for free and you can use them immediately. The program automatically notifies you when there is a new update available, and you will also receive an e-mail from us.