Calculation of reinforcement in XFEM4U

We have an effective and especially pleasant collaboration with Prof. Johan Blaauwendraad and Dr. ir. drs. René Braam.
Johan and René have developed a calculation method with which reinforcement in a plate or shell can be designed efficiently. In the next issue of Cement (edition 2021/8) an article is included in which this method is described in detail. This method of reinforcement design has been implemented in XFEM4U during the past year.

Also so curious about this calculation method?

A shortened version of the article can be found in Cement (2021/8). Click here to download the full (long) version.

Concrete beam grids

Concrete beam grids – pile optimization: In the side view of the concrete beam, it was already possible to change the pile distances by adjusting the dimension lines. This is of course still possible.
What is new is that it can now also be done graphically. You can now graphically “drag” the pile. After changing this, the beam grid is automatically recalculated and you can see the result immediately.