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XFrame3d is the MOST intuitive structural analysis and design software for 3D models of any steel structure. The user interface ensures fluid performance and enables fast input of your structure in 3D. The program is extremely easy to use (even without reading the manual first), intuitive, modern and incredibly fast. XFrame3d uses OpenGL technology. Snap functions to existing nodes , beams, gridlines, X-, Y- and Z-axis, but also Copy- , Mirror-, Multiple copy-, Rotate -functions enables you to enter your structure into the 3D OpenGL-modeller easy and fast.


Powerful engine

XFrame3d has a very powerful mechanics solver that allows you fast geometrically linear (GL first-order analysis) or non- linear (GNL - second-order analysis) calculations.


Accurate calculations

Calculations made ​​with XFrame3d are accurate and validated. Calculations you can trust! That gives security!




Detailled output

XFrame3d allows you to create a very extensive calculation report in RTF or PDF format. See example 1



Several languages

English, Spanish, German and Dutch


EN 1993 steel module

XFrame3d has a fully integrated Eurocode EN 1993 steel design module. Steel test / design rules according to the newest / latest European standards. You are up-to-date with the latest standards. In XFrame3d all Eurocode design checks are based on a geometrically non-linear global analysis. Imperfections (initial sway imperfections) will be automatically included in calculating load combination(s). This is a very accurate calculation method and is applicable for every type of frame. Sway or braced/non-sway frames. Also. There is no need to calculate (error-prone) buckling lengths any more. The geometrical non- linear analysis (Second-order analysis) ensures global buckling stability check. XFrame3d helps you.



XFrame3d has import possibilty. In this version DXF- and SDNF-import are implemented. Others import functionality will follow soon, such as IFD-import.


with unique production

All required and used EN formulas and equations are fully written displayed, including actual parameters and references to the Eurocode 3. So no black box calculation with only outcomes as you see in many other programs. XFrame3d creates a fully transparent calculation report. In fact. You as an engineer are able to check the produced calculation manually and easily. That will give you confidence! Each inspecting authorities will accept your calculation without any problem since the report is clear for all. See examples 2


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Structural Analysis and Design Software

3 dimensional frame program for analysing complex 3D models of any steel structures

Graphics processor

XFrame3d rendering uses OpenGL technology, and graphics cards with good hardware support for OpenGL give the best performance. Struct4u does not have resources to test all cards on the market, so we have chosen cards based on the NVIDIA graphics processor to be our test platform.

In addition to a good graphics card, it is important to install the latest driver. Please check regularly if you have installed the latest / newest. This ensures smooth operation.


3 dimensional frame program for analysing complex 3D models


3 dimensional frame program for analysing complex 3D models

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