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XColumn allows you fast concrete column (rectangular or round section) design and wall design. Also at fire conditions. The program is user friendly, modern en extremely fast. With XColumn you are able to check and design as well.

Multiple concrete columns can be archived in one project file. You can copy/add/delete/move each column calculation. You will keep overview of all your calculation and it will help you to work more efficiently.

Powerful concrete engine

XColumn has a very powerful concrete engine that allows you fast calculations. The column will be re-calculated after each input change. All load combinations will be calculated again. The dominant unity check will be shown instantly. This will show you the resistance of your column and helps you to optimize your column design.


With XColumn you are also able to let XColumn design your reinforcement fast, also at fire condition. Several reinforcement solutions will be shown from which you select the one you prefer.



Detailled output

XColumn allows you to create a very extensive calculation report in RTF or PDF format.




EN 1992-1-1
concete design module

XColumn has a fully integrated EN 1992-1-1 concrete design module. 


Design calculation according to the newest/latest EUROCODES.


EN 1992-1-2
concete fire design module

XColumn has a fully integrated EN 1992-1-2 concrete fire design module.

  • The 500°C isotherm method according to Eurocode 2 is used here.
    (EN 1992-1-2 annex B.1 500°C isotherm method)
  • The concrete section will be reduced based on the 500°C.
  • The temperature in each reinforcement bar is calculated and steel strength reduced. This is a complex calculation.  A detailled calculation report wil show you how the ultimate moment MRd is calculated, with temperature and steel strenght reduction, and contribution per bar.  


with unique production

All required and used EN formulas and equations are fully written displayed, including actual parameters and references to the Eurocode 2. XColumn creates a fully transparent calculation report. In fact. You as an engineer are able to check the produced calculation manually and easily. That will give you confidence! Also you can examine which construction adjustments are effective and which are not. Each inspecting authorities will accept your calculation without any problem since the report is clear for all. See example



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