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The structural analysis software of Struct4U is reliable, user-frienly, modern and very fast.

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Modern analysis software at low cost

Struct4U has developed new analysis software for all structural engineers.

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You never pay more than € 950 a year!

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Pay-per-use (PPU)

But never more than € 950 a year

Licenses or subscription of competing software are often very expensive. Struct4u makes the difference. No purchase of licenses or subscription. You only pay for use at much lower costs.
How does that work? For example: You buy a credit of € 100, -. With this credit you can use all our engineering programs on any PC. All programs have the same hourly rate of € 3,00. While using the software the credit will be reduced per minute. Also, we have limited your annual costs per PC to € 950. You never pay more than € 950 a year!

You can use the same credit with multiple engineers at the same time. That gives flexibility. The programs can be used anywhere. Only condition is that there is an internet connection.

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Modern engineering software / our mission

Struct4u strives to create most advanced, reliable and high-quality engineering software. Calculation reports made with our software are transparent and readable. Any engineer can check the calculation.  All programs of Struct4u are developed using the latest programming techniques. Exactly that enables us to accelerate our developments. New programs and modules will be added quickly. You can use all our programs when needed using the same credit. The running costs are low and will stay low. By using the newest techniques our programs are fast and modern. Working with our programs you will experience as enjoyable. The intuitive user interface allows you to make your calculations even faster.

Analysis software of Struct4U



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