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As a small consultancy, we were looking for an affordable option for simple and more complex FEM calculations and we came across Struc4U. Both the compensation system (per hour when used) and the software are very appealing to us. Due to the extremely high (intuitive) ease of use during the input and the good output options, both with the EEM software and the material toolboxes, all packages score high with us. With an alert, knowledgeable and quickly responding support, it is a very strong tool for the constructive advisor.

Frank Schleipfenbauer

Ingenieursbureau Middelhuis en Schleipfenbauer

As an (independent) small consultancy I have been using Struct4U software for over 3 years now.

It is very user-friendly software, both input and changes a very nice visual representation. Experienced the further development of this software in recent years and many customization requests have been processed. It is also very nice to have multiple materials work together in one model. The calculations are performed very quickly. The interim design output works very easily, is clear and you can quickly see which part needs adjustments. The final output is very complete and gives a full printout of all formulas.

A very favorable quality-price ratio; I myself have a complete year package and with that you have an extensive software package. I recommend it to everyone.

Ruud van der Breggen

Bouwadvies Van der Breggen B.V.

The reason I chose Struct4u is that I only pay for the time that I use Struct4u’s programs. The programs are customer-friendly and applicable in both 2D and 3D constructions in the materials concrete, steel and wood. What I miss is masonry.

Piet Bakker

At the time, roughly 1.5 years ago, I opted for Struct4u because I am not tied to an expensive subscription. The more I work with your program, the more I have to pay. I like that, because I don’t have to make monthly construction calculations. What I would like to do is masonry construction calculations and foundation calculations. I still miss this one.

Nicky Vereijken

Since the start of Ingenieursbureau Van Wijngaarden in 2018, I have been working with Struct4U software. The calculation software has been further developed since this period and is pleasant to work with. The helpdesk is easily accessible, responds quickly and listens carefully to the wishes of the customer.

J.C. van Wijngaarden

Ingenieursbureau Van Wijngaarden

Very user-friendly and reliable software. Easily accessible support that responds very accurately to questions. Great added value is that specific wishes are quickly implemented in the software. Moreover, Struct4U is very interesting from a cost point of view because you only pay for the use of the software. You don’t have to buy expensive licenses and you always have the latest update available. Highly recommended for any engineering firm.

Software development has exploded in recent years. Struct4U has recently introduced the XFEM4U calculation module. A very user-friendly and powerful calculation tool with great graphical interface that has a great added value for designing and calculating more complex building structures.

Roel Strijbos, Sr. Constructie Adviseur

Simple, fast, result-oriented and above all affordable. Since it is a young company, you can grow with the new market and as a constructor you can also realize your own ideas in the programs and make them even smarter and more efficient.

 Bakir Abu-Shama


Easy to use, and as a student it gives me a lot of support in understanding the calculations of the Eurocode.

Rayaan Ajouz

I am very satisfied with the Struct4U programs. Even when I needed a different program for a special customer, they helped me quickly and for a reasonable price. The formula “pay for use” fits well with the frequency in which I use it.

Karel de Krijger

Adviesbureau KJ de Krijger